Why are Yeti cups not dishwasher-safe? The most common myths

We can’t go anywhere without thermo tumblers now! Why are Yeti cups not dishwasher-safe? But many people are interested in the question of washing tumblers in a dishwasher safe. Warm coffee or mulled wine in winter, iced lemonade in summer. But how does the thermos glass work?

The principle of heat preservation directly depends on the design of the body. Models with double walls and an air cavity retain heat the best of all. In expensive cookware, the space between the walls is filled with vacuum. Such models retain temperature better than others, but they also cost much more. The simplest ceramic and plastic thermal mugs do not have double walls and often differ from the usual dishes only by the presence of the top lid.

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

Yeti rambler bottles: comfortable and fulfilling its functions

A thermos mug (thermo mug, thermo glass) is a modern thermos that makes it very convenient to take hot or cold drinks with you. A thermos mug is stronger, lighter, and more compact than a thermos, and you can drink directly from it.

What you can pour into a Yeti Rambler:

  • Cold drinks (lemonade, beer).
  • Hot drinks (coffee, sbiten, mulled wine).

How long is the temperature of the drink maintained? The thermal insulation is very good, and the drink stays hot or cold for several hours.

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

How Yeti cups are usually used:

  1. At home and work, in the office, hot tea or coffee is always at hand.
  2. In the car.
  3. During a country vacation (at the cottage, camping, fishing).
  4. For hot drinks with alcohol: punch, grog, mulled wine.
  5. For the preparation of herbal decoctions and infusions.
  6. To keep the temperature of baby food.

From hot liquids, the Yeti Rumbler does not heat up, so you can safely take it with your hands. But remember: the drink stays hot for a long time. Drink carefully; do not burn your tongue. Yeti Rambler is a famous American brand. In the USA, their thermos glasses are considered a cult product.

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

Yeti cup device

Vacuum bottoms and double walls keep the temperature of the drink for a long time (2 times longer than in plastic thermo cups).

Thermal insulation and proprietary Sweat-Free Design anti-condensation technology prevent the thermomug from fogging up. Yeti Rambler thermomugs can be safely placed on any surface without special stands.

Body material. High-strength stainless steel (18% chromium and 8% nickel). The liquid poured into the thermos Yeti cups does not acquire any flavors.

Thermos mug lid material. Transparent, impact-resistant food-grade plastic with a rubber seal and drinking hole. The lid holds tightly and can be removed and put on with force. Washable in the dishwasher.

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

Instructions for use

Wash the thermos glass before first use, either manually or dishwasher-safe. Wash it only by hand, using only cleaning agents that do not contain chlorine, chlorites, or abrasive substances. When carrying the thermos, the glass must not be tilted; otherwise, the liquid will spill out through the hole in the lid. Do not put the Yeti Rambler in the freezer or microwave! The manufacturer guarantees 5 years of perfect service if the product is handled with care and Yetis dishwasher-safe. You can also learn more about Yeti cups and why Yeti cups not dishwasher-safe.

Can I put my Yeti in the dishwasher?

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

Indeed! Every Rambler item may be washed in the dishwasher! However, there are suggested locations for your Yeti Rambler so that you can be sure it’s cleaned correctly.

Rambler body: Depending on where it fits best, stand upside down on either the top or bottom rack.

Lids and bottle caps: Place them on the top rack of the dishwasher, away from the heat. The silverware tray on the bottom rack is a gasket.

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

Your Yeti Ramblers are dishwasher-safe, but that doesn’t mean they’re receiving a thorough clean just by running them through the machine. You should use a quality stainless steel cleaner for both the dishwasher and hand wash. It may surprise you to learn that the majority of individuals are using moldy Yeti glasses for their drinks.

Use dish soap and warm water or Yeti Cleaning Tablets to hand wash your Rambler if you’d like. It is not recommended to use the cleaning tablets on Rambler lids or caps. Before reinstalling, take out the gaskets from the bottle, give it a thorough cleaning, then wash and dry it separately.

Must I also clean the Rambler lid?

Indeed, it is advised that you give the stronghold lid frequent cleaning. To fully clean the lid, you must first take off the rubber gasket and the lid itself to see for any possible dirt or mold growth. By keeping this region clean, potential health issues can be avoided. The lids themselves may be dishwasher-safe, but make sure to remove any additional attachments, such as the MagSlider, that may be attached and dry separately.

Will washing remove my stickers or monogram?

Even though certain adhesives are waterproof, that doesn’t imply they can withstand the temperature changes and varied water pressure seen in dishwashers. Should you be worried about how long your Yeti customization will endure, we advise hand-cleaning your bottle.


How do I handle rust on my Rambler?

Although stainless steel is used to make all of the Rambler bottles, if you do notice that rust spots appear on your bottle, all you need to do is use a stainless steel cleaning that you can get at your neighborhood grocery shop. You can also see a list of dishwashers for hard water—their pros and cons.

How can coffee or tea stains be removed from Yeti cups?

You may use Yeti’s deep cleaning pills to get rid of stubborn, tough stains. For any bottle or cup that is more than thirty ounces, use two pills. After dropping the tablet into the Rambler filled with water, give it five minutes to settle. Be cautious not to shake the bottle. After that, completely rinse and remove the solution.

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

Remember that certain cleaning solutions include abrasive cleaners, particularly those intended to remove stubborn stains. The stainless steel may corrode more quickly as a result of these substances.

The cup or bottle may get damaged if you use steel wool or a steel brush to remove very stubborn stains or residue. While coarser steel wools would harm stainless steel, especially the outside, fine steel wool might be useful for removing stains from stainless steel. In such moments, thermal cups are Yetis dishwasher-safe so as not to spoil the coating with a washcloth.

Why Are Yeti Cups Not Dishwasher-Safe

Conclusion. Why are Yeti cups not dishwasher-safe?

Why are Yeti cups not dishwasher-safe? We told you that this is possible, but with caution and not at high temperatures. From all of the above, we can conclude that Yetis dishwasher safe.

But be sure when buying Yeti Rambler caps to check if there is a sign on the package that allows you to wash them in the machine. There will be no need to be afraid of using the dishwasher for such dishes. But everyone will find for themselves the advantages of using a dishwasher or cleaning a tumbler themselves. cleaned properly can be as if using harsh special products (which can damage Yeti cups).

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