Bosch dishwasher leaking water: look for the source of the leak

Turned on your Bosch dishwasher leaking water out of the kitchen floor? Often, the Bosch dishwasher starts leaking from the bottom. A puddle forms under the door. It can be large or small. In most cases, you can fix the leakage problem yourself. There are several places from which water usually leaks: the drip tray, the door, the drain filter, and the drain hose.

Identifying the source of the leak is not always a trivial task; even the most experienced craftsman may take at least an hour. The point is that if, for example, water leaks from under the drip tray, the dishwasher will have to be completely disassembled.

bosch dishwasher leaking water

Source of Bosch dishwasher leaking water

Leaks from under the dishwasher door. Most often, water leaks in the area of the lower dishwasher door gasket. The area where the gasket connects to the base of the tray. The rubber gasket can burst due to mechanical damage.

Leakage from under the drip tray. If a puddle is formed in the tray and water flows, then most likely there is a deformation of the spigot in the drainage system. Also, water in the sump can appear due to a leak in the drain pump.

Leaky drain filter. If a clog forms, water may leak from under the filter into the drip tray. To stop the leak, clean the drain filter and remove the clog.

 bosch dishwasher leaking water

Leakage from the storage tank. If the diaphragm in the storage tank bursts, water will pour out. In this situation, replacement of the cistern is required.

Leaking from the dishwasher drain hose. The dishwasher hose leak may be many years old and have burst. When draining, water will leak onto the floor. Replace the hose.

How do I determine where the water is leaking from?

As mentioned earlier, it is not always possible to determine visually where the water is leaking from without disassembling the dishwasher. But if you have a modern Bosch dishwasher of the SMS, SRV, or SRS series, you can determine the source of leakage by the error code.

bosch dishwasher leaking water

For example, the leak sensor is installed in the drip tray, and when water flows down, the sensor will activate and the system will point to the location of the leak. Unfortunately, if water is leaking from under the door, there will be no error. Therefore, it is recommended that you watch your dishwasher from time to time.

Another way to locate the water leaking is to put a piece of paper next to the dishwasher. If water starts to leak, the paper will let you know. Why is the Bosch dishwasher leaking water?

Leakage occurs during the drying process. Bosch appliances generate a lot of steam during drying. When the household starts to open the door at this stage, steam escapes. It settles on surrounding objects and surfaces. Because of the temperature difference, the condensate quickly runs down the cabinet of the machine. The result is a puddle, which is often mistaken for a leak. To avoid this situation, make sure that the dishwasher remains closed during the drying phase. You can also find out about problems with the GE dishwasher.

Bosch dishwasher leaking water: look for the source of the leak

A simple Bosch dishwasher leak water

Improper installation of the appliance. If your Bosch dishwasher is not installed correctly, leaks can form under the door. If you are inexperienced in installing and connecting home appliances, you can make a similar mistake. Usually, leaks occur if the technique is installed with a forward tilt.

Mistakes in the choice of dishwasher detergent. If you have a leaky Bosch dishwasher, you may be using inappropriate detergents: tablets, powder, or rinse aid. Poor-quality detergents contain many substances that, when in contact with water, form a heavy foam. If this is the cause, in addition to the water itself, there will be traces of foam on the floor. To remedy the situation, change the dishwasher detergent to one that is more suitable for your Bosch dishwasher. Also, too much detergent can become a problem.

Solidification of detergents in the MACH system. These can accumulate as a result of excessive dosage or the use of poor-quality tablets, powders, and rinse aids. Over time, the accumulated dishwasher detergent leads to increased foam formation. Sometimes there is so much foam that it comes out of all the holes in your Bosch dishwasher. To wash out the accumulated detergents, you need to set the Bosch dishwasher to a full wash cycle at maximum temperature.

Bosch dishwasher leaking water: look for the source of the leak

Clogged filter system. The filters that clean the water are often clogged with grease and food debris. This also leads to increased foaming. The water and foam start to run down the corners of the door, accumulating on the floor. To avoid the problem, clean the filters of your Bosch dishwasher regularly. It is best to study the instruction manual and act per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Broken water inlet valve. The water inlet valve in the dishwasher may also be broken. The dishwasher water inlet valve filter needs to be cleaned.

Problems with the door seal. If food residue and other debris adhere to the gasket rubber, the tightness of its fit is compromised. As a result, the door ceases to hold steam, which goes outside and settles in the form of condensation. A puddle forms near the car, which can be mistaken for a leak. It is very easy to fix the problem. Take a sponge or rag and wipe the rubber band thoroughly, removing all contaminants. Never use iron sponges or products with aggressive particles. In this way, you can damage the product, and you will have to call a craftsman.

Bosch dishwasher leaking water: look for the source of the leak

Failure of internal parts

If a Bosch dishwasher leaking water as a result of the failure of important parts, you can’t do it without the help of a service center. Usually, leaks occur for the following reasons:

Mechanical damage or wear of the dishwasher door seal leak. At the beginning of the problem, you will only notice a small puddle near the body of the PMM. However, over time, the wear and tear of the door seal will cause the dishwasher door seal leak. The Bosch machine will stop starting.

Malfunction of the water level sensor. Leakage is formed along the edges of the door. Sometimes the scale of the leak can be very large. Such a breakdown is immediately visible. It happens because the Bosch water level sensor stops functioning normally and draws much more water than required.

Bosch dishwasher leaking water: look for the source of the leak

Contamination of the pressostat tube. In this case, the leakage can be huge. In modern Bosch dishwashers, the Aquastop system is triggered, which allows you to minimize the negative consequences of the leak. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to replace the faulty parts.

Damage to the springs and hinges on the door. If the Bosch dishwasher leaks, the problem may be in faulty springs or hinges on the door. In this case, the door seal is broken, and the doors allow steam and splashes to pass through. A puddle forms under the body of the Bosh PMM. To correct the situation, it will help to replace the hinges. It is also important to treat the technique with care and not pile your weight on the doors.

Damage to the wash tank of a Bosch Bosh automatic washing machine. This is one of the most difficult breakdowns. Damage to the tank can occur as a result of impact, rust, or other causes. It is not safe to operate such appliances. The scale of the leak can be very large. In this case, it is easier to buy a new dishwasher. If necessary, if the damage is small, the master can seal the leak with a special sealant. However, after a few months, the situation will be repeated.


If your Bosch dishwasher leaking water, do not step into it under any circumstances. Due to problems with the electronics, you may be electrocuted. To avoid such a situation, first of all, you need to de-energize the Bosch dishwasher. Only after that can you proceed to diagnostics.

Since the PMM refers to a complex household appliance, do not disassemble it if you do not have the appropriate skills and knowledge. In this case, you can complicate the situation, which will lead to more expensive repairs or the complete unsuitability of the appliance. You can also find out more information if your Bosch dishwasher leaking water.

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