Why is the GE dishwasher no power and how do you solve this problem?

When the GE dishwasher no power, it is not yet a sign of a technical malfunction. There may be no electricity, the socket is shorted, or the contacts in the plug are oxidized. With prolonged use, the power cord is frayed or there are breaks in the circuit, because of which electricity also stops coming. In this case, the indicators will not light up. If the electricity comes in and the indication is there, but the dishwasher does not work, then it’s a different story. The problem may be a weak water supply or an internal breakdown.

What should I do if the GE dishwasher won’t turn on?

First, you need to make sure that the start button is not broken. If it is seized or damaged, it remains only to call the master. If the cause is not on the button, then it is necessary to make sure that the water supply and water pressure are normal. This can be hindered by a clogged filling hose and a clogged inlet filter. Water will come in weakly or not at all. If water does not come in, check the water in the pipe and the supply valve.

GE dishwasher no power

When, after switching on, the water starts draining immediately and the machine does not respond to the buttons, it means that the aquastop (leakage protection system) has been activated. You will need to tilt the dishwasher forward, drain the water, and turn it on again. If the cause was a one-time activation of the protection, the dishwasher will work. The universal advice when the appliance hangs up is to unplug it for a few minutes and plug it in again.

Your GE dishwasher won’t turn on

Are the GE dishwashers not plugged in, or is the outlet itself not working? How to restore power? Check that the plug is plugged in and make sure that there is a power supply in the electrical outlet And if the 220V mains indicator is lit on the display but the dishwashing does not start? The reasons for this breakdown can be very different:

  • The dishwasher does not start due to low pressure in the water mains or a complete water shutdown. The water supply valve is likely closed, or the hose supplying water to the device is kinked. You should also check the inlet filter, which may be clogged.
  • The control module, an electronic unit that controls all the mechanisms of the machine, is broken. The way out is to repair it or change the unit to a serviceable one.
  • The dishwasher door must be completely closed. If the door cannot be closed all the way, there is a problem with the lock. The solution is to repair or replace the lock mechanism.
 GE dishwasher no power

What repairs are needed if the dishwasher won’t turn on?

Verify that the appliance’s plug is plugged into the mains and that the socket is receiving electricity. If the GE dishwasher’s mains voltage indicator illuminates but it won’t turn on? Such a problem may arise from a variety of causes. You can also find out more information if your GE dishwasher no power.

Dishwasher door

The dishwasher door must be securely closed. If the door cannot be clicked all the way, then there are problems with the lock mechanism or door switch. The solution is to repair or change the lock mechanism on the dishwasher door.

GE dishwasher no power

Electronic control boards

The programmer, a programmable unit that controls all the units of General Electric equipment, has broken down. The solution is to repair it or change the block to a serviceable one.

Dishwasher General Electric does not start due to low pressure in the water supply or total absence of water. The water supply tap is probably closed, or the hose supplying water to the machine is kinked. It is also worth inspecting the inlet filter, which may be clogged.

Door and lock

If electricity is supplied and the indicators are lit, but the machine does not work, then you need to make sure the door is tightly closed. A serviceable lock emits a characteristic click. If this does not happen, it means that it is damaged. An error code may also be displayed.

Circulation pump

If the water is dialed but the sink does not turn on, then the problem may be with the pump. You need to check its starting capacitor, which is responsible for the motor. If it is damaged, a hum may appear. The pump itself is also checked with a multimeter.

Thermostat and TENS

If the water is dialed, but the dishwasher stops and does not turn on the sink, then the heating system may be defective. Malfunctions occur either in the temperature sensor or in the TEN itself. When diagnosing, both of these elements are checked. You can also find out what problems there may be with the GE Cafe dishwasher.

GE dishwasher no power

The main control board problem of the GE dishwasher no power

When the power light and appliances are turned on but there is no reaction to pressing the buttons, then the problem should be looked for in the control module. If disassembly reveals badly burned parts on the board or the wires, it will be necessary to install a new module.

Possible problems with the control panel

Another reason why the dishwasher won’t turn on could be a faulty control box. In this case, the dishwasher does not respond to the buttons, or all the lights are glowing at the same time. And this is a serious enough problem, because repairing such a breakdown is not a cheap pleasure. Since the repair requires intervention in the electronics of the device, the best option would be to contact professionals, because you may not be competent in this case.

GE dishwasher no power

The condition of the power supply, power cord, and the socket

The dishwasher’s connection to the socket can be the source of the issue. To verify its functionality, attempt to plug in an additional device at the same location. Take a light or a vacuum cleaner, for instance. As a result, if your dishwasher is built-in, make sure the plug is accessible without having to disassemble it right away. Remember that a domestic fuse or circuit breaker might blow as well. To avoid short circuits, a circuit breaker is fitted for safety reasons. This type of breakdown is less common with smaller GE dishwashers since their low power requirements translate into low voltage.

Why is the GE dishwasher no power and how do you solve this problem?

Additionally, make sure the power cord is functioning correctly. There might be a broken or damaged power cord. If you discover a problem, swap it out for a new power cable. The junction box might be having issues. Furthermore, the wire is not how the electricity is delivered. Either deal with the cables by opening the junction box cover or contact an electrician.

Checking the fuse

A blown fuse is another possible problem that might be keeping the dishwasher from starting. Because the replacement parts are situated in the water circulation pump, under the tray, you must disassemble the method to examine them. To find the resistance, a multimeter is required. Should you be certain that this is the source of the issue, you must take the dishwasher apart, swap out the fuses, and then put it back together.

GE dishwasher no power


The appearance of any signs of abnormal operation requires the immediate intervention of a GE dishwasher repair specialist. A qualified specialist will be able to correctly identify the root cause of the breakdown and, in a short time, eliminate it. With timely troubleshooting and prudent operation of your installed appliances, they will serve you consistently for many years.

To avoid problems, the dishwasher has to be closely observed. You must keep an eye on the dishwasher’s power supply. As a result, remember to routinely verify that the power cable and the outlet to which the appliance is attached are in excellent functioning condition.

GE dishwasher no power

Also, regularly clean the drainage system from limescale and food residues using special means. Use the appliance only for its intended purpose. Thus, you will exclude half of the problems that can occur with the machine. Now you will not panic if your dishwasher does not turn on. All the problems that cause the malfunction can be solved; just follow the instructions from the experts. To prevent problems, you should carefully care for and monitor the appliance.

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