How to replace dishwasher quickly and easily

When you use any item, it is inevitable that it will fall into disrepair. This is the case with a dishwasher. The average service life of such a machine is determined by the manufacturer and is 7 years. Service life can be extended by making preventive repairs, but no one does this. Very often, having passed such a “life path”, the dishwasher breaks down and needs to replace dishwasher. Having been repaired, its service life is prolonged for some time; sometimes it is not for a long time, and sometimes it serves for another seven years. Here, the question of buying a new dishwasher may arise. Accordingly, it is necessary to replace the dishwasher.

replace dishwasher

If your old dishwasher has broken or bored you, but you do not know how to make a replacement yourself, we can help you figure it out! You may also have a problem with a bad smell from the dishwasher; we also know how to solve this problem.

When buying a new dishwasher, you should pay attention not only to the reputation of the manufacturer and the cost of the model but also to the dimensions, energy efficiency class, and some other important parameters.

Steps to replace a dishwasher

The work on replacing the dishwasher will consist of two stages. Initially, it is necessary to dismantle the old dishwasher. And the new dishwasher must be connected to the existing connections. Now I will tell you the basic and important steps that will help you replace a dishwasher carefully and quickly.

How to replace dishwasher quickly and easily

Step 1: Getting started with dishwasher replacement

Tools to replace dishwasher

While you figure out how to remove the old dishwasher, grab an old blanket or towel to protect the floor. Bring two adjustable wrenches, a shallow pan, a screwdriver, a level, a tape measure, and a few other tools. To catch the water that will leak from the lines when you disconnect them, you’ll also need a small pot, a bucket, a sponge, and a rag.

replace dishwasher

You won’t typically need any specialized equipment or knowledge to install or replace a dishwasher. You won’t need to modify the cabinet to install a new dishwasher because the majority of them are 24 inches wide.

At the main panel, switch off the dishwasher’s electrical connections, or unhook it from the outlet. Additionally, shut off the water supply line for the dishwasher at the closest shut-off valve, which is typically found under the sink. To make it simpler to separate the drain lines and water line when you begin connecting the dishwasher, think about taking out the cabinet door from the sink’s base.

How to replace dishwasher quickly and easily

Step 2: Disconnect the electrical cable and water supply

Electrical connections

Use a voltage tester to confirm that the power is off, remove the front panel, and turn the power off. Pull the cable copper line out of the old dishwasher after disconnecting the cables.

Under the dishwasher, below the bottom front panel, which must be unscrewed, are the water and electrical connections. Make sure the power is off at all times by checking the voltage detector.

replace dishwasher

Keep the cable clamp after removing the electrical wires from the box so you can use it on the new dishwasher. Dishwashers occasionally arrive with a plug-in cable instead of a “hard wire” as indicated in the instructions. If so, unplug the cord and use it again on a new dishwasher. Purchase a new one if it is in terrible shape. You can also find out more information about this topic.

Dishwasher water supply line

The water supply line is often made of braided stainless steel or flexible copper. In any event, unfasten the nut holding it to the dishwasher’s 90-degree fitting. Leave the compression nut and ring on the line for potential future usage as long as they are in excellent condition. The copper water line can be slightly bent, but you must take care to avoid kinking the line. You will need to replace it if you do. Flexible stainless steel lines make an excellent replacement. The hardware shop has them in stock.

How to replace dishwasher quickly and easily

In order to install the new dishwasher, remove the 90-degree fitting. It is crucial to position it parallel to the new machine so that the dishwasher water supply line enters it directly. Otherwise, you may kink the water line.

Before removing the flexible drain line under the sink, empty the dishwasher of any remaining water. This is a flexible hose that is fastened to the drain’s or waste disposal’s inlet lever. The old drain pipe needs to be inserted back through the sinkhole as you remove the old dishwasher. To clean up the water that leaks from the drain line, hold a rag in your hand.

How to replace dishwasher quickly and easily

You may remove the dishwasher with more room if you lower the old dishwasher. It’s likely difficult to turn the leveling feet, but applying oil to the threads can help. Take the feet off if you need additional space. When you pull the dishwasher out, be sure to run a piece of linoleum or cardboard underneath it to prevent damaging the floor.

Step 3: Installing the dishwasher: Prepare the new dishwasher

Wrap the 90-degree fitting twice in Teflon tape before screwing it into the new water valve and tightening it to install a dishwasher.

You should carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions before replace a dishwasher.

replace dishwasher

The new dishwasher must come with a new drain hose; do not reuse the old drain hose. Make sure the flexible drain line is fastened to the underside of the countertop to avoid dishes flooding the dishwasher. Certain plumbing regulations provide for a specific air gap in the drain hose.

How to install the new dishwasher and level its height by adjusting the feet or wheels is covered in the handbook. Before placing them in the dishwasher, set them. After replace a dishwasher, make a few minor adjustments.

How to replace dishwasher quickly and easily

You will need to adjust the feet after inserting the dishwasher into the hole, though, if your kitchen floor is elevated (higher than the area where the dishwasher is positioned). You might need to install adjustment spacers to elevate the back of your dishwasher to the height of the finished floor if it has rear wheels but no back adjustments. To prevent them from dragging while the dishwasher is running, pull them to the floor.

Step 4: How to connect the new dishwasher

replace dishwasher

Grab the edges of the dishwasher, lift it up a little, and place it in the opening to replace it. Use a cardboard box or tarp to shield the kitchen floor. Wait until all of the electrical connections and settings are complete.

Connect the electrical wires and drain hose to the supply of a water line, switch on the power and water, and then check for leaks. Place the dishwasher on the worktop after making sure it is in the right spot. If the old holes in a stone or synthetic countertop do not line up, install a dishwasher according to the manual’s recommendations.


Above, I have described how to replace a dishwasher yourself. But you must remember that self-installation can cause serious problems, for example, it is possible to lose connection of the dishwasher hose with the water tap, as a result of which leaks can form. Even the smallest of leaks can lead to dampness, which is an ideal environment for mold growth. Large water leaks cause flooding of your own apartment and, in some cases, your neighbors’ apartments. Sloppy installation can cause damage to the kitchen set, and its repair can be expensive.

replace dishwasher

It should be understood that the installation of your own hand equipment, especially on such a technically complex dishwasher, often leads to bad results. It is better to entrust it to professionals who are well-versed in dishwasher installation.

Before you consider replacing a dishwasher, weigh the pros and cons. Will you be able to do it yourself without problems, or is it better to pay money and call a master at home?

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