How to install a dishwasher panel quickly and efficiently

Dishwashers today are installed in any modern kitchen. This device allows you to save time and effort on the daily washing of kitchen utensils. The installation of a new dishwasher greatly enhances the quality of life. In this article, we will talk about how to properly install the front decorative dishwasher panel.

There are several common forms of dishwashers. The most popular among them are recessed and partially recessed models. A distinctive feature of such devices is the lack of decorative design on the front panel. Instead, the front cover is screwed onto the door in the same style as the rest of the kitchen furniture. Thus, the machine fits perfectly into the overall design of the kitchen, making it more concise.

 dishwasher panel

Where to find panels for dishwasher

Depending on the stage at which the dishwasher is installed, there are several ways to decorate the front of the dishwasher. The most common and correct way to install the device is to install it at the stage of assembling the rest of the kitchen furniture. When measuring the kitchen, it is necessary to specify in which place and what size the installation of the appliance is planned. It is better if you have already decided on the model at this stage. In this case, the furniture makers will make an overlay specifically for a particular dishwasher, and there should be no problems with its installation.

How to install a dishwasher panel easy and most effective

If the installation of the dishwasher is made in an already finished kitchen set, there are two ways to make a decorative overlay. The first is to order from the furniture manufacturer the necessary panel, corresponding to the overall design. The second was to use the furniture door, which was in the place where the device was installed.

If, in the first case, there should be no problems, then in the second, it is necessary to select a device matching the size of the current doors of kitchen cabinets. To do this is quite difficult because dishwashers have fixed dimensions, and furniture can have completely arbitrary dimensions. If the first two ways of finding a door lining do not fit, you can order a similar color in the furniture workshop. You can use this method if your kitchen has simple shapes and no unique hardware. You can also read about the heating of your dishwasher during operation.

How to install a dishwasher panel easy and most effective

When to install the front dishwasher panel

Usually, when installing a dishwasher, the initial focus is on connecting the utilities and then fixing it in the place of installation and visual design. However, sometimes there are exceptions. For example, if the communications are not yet ready for connection and the panel and everything necessary for its fastening are there.

The main requirement for the stage of installation of the facade is the assembly of the lower part of the kitchen furniture. The fact is that when installing the dishwasher panel, it is necessary to check whether the cover will not hit something when opening. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the cover lining to the dimensions.

Installing the decorative door trim

In most dishwashers, the decorative panel is fixed using self-tapping screws or furniture screws. There are technological holes in the door of the dishwasher specifically for fixing. The screws are screwed into these holes from the inside, making the fixing invisible from the front.

Make measurements for drilling a screw

Before you start screwing the panel-ready dishwashers it is necessary to make an example and mark the places where screws are screwed in. It is better to drill small holes in the panel at once so that there will be no problems when fixing it in place.

How to install a dishwasher panel easy and most effective

For marking the door, a special stencil is used, supplied with the device. If there is no such stencil, then it will be necessary to attach the dishwasher door cover itself. For convenience, you can use double-sided tape. If you screw the panel with an offset of at least a couple of millimeters, then later there may be problems with closing the door.

After the marking is made and the holes are prepared, you can screw the overlay to the car. After that, it is necessary to place the device in the place of installation and check the correctness of the work done. The door with the overlay should open easily and not hit anything.

If everything is in order, then you can fix the dishwasher on the furniture. This is usually done with self-tapping screws screwed into the sides of the dishwasher or special fixing strips. Fixing the dishwasher on the furniture is a very important procedure since an unfastened device will move every time the door is opened.

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After completing all the above manipulations, you can turn on and check the appliances. Manufacturers do not recommend starting the dishwasher before it takes on a finished look with the dishwasher panel installed. The fact is that the front panel not only completes the appearance but also serves as part of the noise and vibration protection of the appliances.

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